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CloudHealth USP

A significant number of globally renowned business organizations use CloudHealth to achieve the capability of optimizing, visualizing and automating their cloud ecosystem. Companies can innovate relatively faster by leveraging CloudHealth. The platform allows the operation team to have seamless cloud conversations by gaining insightful analytics. Request CloudHealth Pricing to get more information.


In modern times, business organizations around the world are heavily reliant on CloudHealth. It is one of the most reliable cloud management software platforms that facilitate the transformation of a business in the cloud. The software plays an efficient role in enhancing visibility across the overall cloud environment. Nowadays, organizations can better optimize resources and control governance policies by leveraging CloudHealth. 

CloudHealth Features

Notable features of CloudHealth that make the cloud management software platform stand out:

  •   Convenient Cost Management 


o   The automation and interactive reporting features enable you to manage cloud costs conveniently.


o   CloudHealth plays a crucial role in maximizing the return on your investment (ROI) efficiently.


  • Visibility Enhancement


o   CloudHealth facilitates a business organization to drive efficiency through a more consolidated cloud-based strategy.


o   It provides better control over cloud systems based on workload, application and environment.


  • Diminishes Security Risks


o   Cloudhealth enables organizations to bring down potential security risks and vulnerabilities by controlling and monitoring the cloud ecosystem.


  •  Efficient Governance


o   The software allows businesses to gain better control over the functioning of their cloud environment through custom policies.


o   It uncovers potential vulnerabilities within the organizational cloud ecosystem automatically.


  • Assets Migration


o   Allows migrating assets from the central data storage hub to the cloud ecosystem. 


o   Businesses can analyze and manage the cloud ecosystem for performance, usage, cost and security in one place.


CloudHealth Pricing 

If a business organization requires paying $400,000 monthly for CloudHealth Pricing, along with the applicable 3% fee of the total Cloud Spend, then it has to make payment of $12,000 every month for the subscription term that it is committed to for utilizing the cloud management software platform. 

CloudHealth Demo 

To gain in-depth knowledge about the functioning of the cloud management software platform and CloudHealth pricing explicitly, using the free trial version is imperative. You will understand how efficiently it can facilitate in increasing visibility across private and public cloud-based systems.  


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CloudHealth Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 07, 2020

“An affordable & remarkably easy-to-use tool”

CloudHealth pricing enables business organizations to utilize this easy-to-use tool, which aids in optimizing cost and creating reports effectively.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Efficient Cloud Management Platform”

Automated services facilitate in securely automating the implementation of daily operations that require managing cloud ecosystems.
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