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CloudStack is one of the most popular computing software that is used for managing, creating and deploying infrastructure cloud services. It is a computing platform for public and private clouds. It allocates VM to a single server, which can create and manage a logical network, object and block storage systems and can bring a computing interface that can handle all kinds of software.

CloudStack Cloud Management Platforms Pricing:

CloudStack pricing is based on virtual user networks. It is covered by Apache License Version 2.0, which can allow a user to freely modify the solution for business purposes. CloudStack pricing ranges from INR 2,508 to INR 3,500 per user/license per month for a single app. Users can also opt for the free tier which is offered by various companies like Amazon, AWS etc.

CloudStack Cloud Management Platforms Demo:

This tool offers a free trial for all users for a limited period. Then one needs to subscribe, which allows a person to connect to various events, user groups and CloudStack communities to manage a network-free and user-friendly account. It offers public cloud services as a part of hybrid cloud solutions and their CloudStack pricing feature helps in choosing from various available options.

CloudStack Cloud Management Platforms Features:

Here are some of the powerful features to make the CloudStack platform seamless:

  • Powerful API, Virtual routers, Firewalls and Load Balancer:
    • Well documented and extensible support for Amazon EC2 and S3API’s
    • Supports integration in both software and hardware with security to cloud users
    • F5 and Netscaler inclusion
  • Effective Netscaler support:
    • Compatible with MPX, VPX and SDX devices
    • Easily set up Layer-4 load balance rules for supported protocols like HTTP, TCP & UDP
    • Algorithms are less loaded that have IP based source and cookie-based sessions
  • Usage Metering:
    • Offers real-time visibility, historical usage reports and customised billing invoice 
    • Proactive Stack Usage Engine
  • Hypervisor Agnostic
    • Can support any Hypervisor manufacturer
    • Can integrate with virtual machine monitors in our system


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CloudStack Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Reliable, powerful and stable tool”

Resources are applied on Research, Management and Education across the whole world for orchestration with good usability.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Excellent cost-benefit solution”

It allows the end-user to set resource limits between cloud environments and cloud local data centres.
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