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Planisware Enterprise

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Planisware Enterprise Overview

Planisware offers integrated, web-based, all-in-one PPM platform with the comprehensive innovation of life cycle coverage and built-in best practices. It also offers new product development solution, program management, product management, portfolio management, resource management, and budget management. The company helps customers globally in driving strategic and innovative excellence by offering innovative PPM solution. In addition, the company offers connectors for document management where documents can be uploaded, updated, and tracked directly from documentation system.

Planisware Enterprise USP

Planisware is a global provider of cloud PPM solutions for product development and R&D organizations to manage their projects, resources, and portfolios. The company designed a web-based, fully integrated Planisware suite with comprehensive innovation life cycle coverage. This suite includes Planisware software, cloud services, and integrating Planisware into IT infrastructure. The services of this suite can be architected for physical or virtual machines in private or public cloud environments. In the cloud, Planisware offers two manage services including Planisware Live and Noovem. Planisware Live is a dedicated cloud service that offers a private cloud with dedicated hosting for customers and enterprises. Noovem is a managed cloud service that enables users to share the solution and servers. Planisware’s PPM helps enterprises by providing high-level portfolio and detailed information on projects to keep the entire portfolio aligned with overall corporate strategies and objectives. Planisware provides robust capacity planning, accurate resource demand estimation, advanced resource allocation, evaluate the cost and compare the utilization of internal and external resources, and advanced time-tracking and resource utilization analysis capabilities.

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