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Upland offers extensive portfolio in cloud PPM market space and covers all the significant features of cloud PPM. The company offers two PPM solutions for diverse users according to their different business requirements such as PowerSteering and EclipsePPM. Upland's PowerSteering is a cloud-based PPM solution, which provides flexibility feature to enterprises to support any project, program, portfolio, resource, investment, or work type. PowerSteering allows businesses to improve portfolio visibility and governance without requiring the entry of granular resource and project data through top-down portfolio management, bottom-up project and resource management, and hybrid approach. It offers all of the product functionality required to improve portfolio optimization, project execution, and resource allocation throughout the organization. It is a comprehensive solution that includes project management, portfolio management, resource management, idea and demand management, PPM financials, and knowledge management and social collaboration. Upland's EclipsePPM offers project management, portfolio management, and resource management to manage enterpriser's portfolio, projects, and resources in one place and in real-time. Request PowerSteering Pricing to get more information.


Upland is a global software provider engaged in improving the business performance of enterprises through its cloud-based enterprise work management software products. Upland offers a family of software, which addresses enterprise challenges in the areas of product IT management, workflow automation, and digital engagement. The company has a comprehensive product portfolio in the PPM space, consisting of Eclipse PPM, PowerSteering, Tenrox, Timesheet, and ComSci. The products empower other organizations to evaluate and efficiently assess all their project costs and benefits. They also enable enterprises to optimize the utilization of their people, money, and time. Upland serves a diverse client base, ranging from large enterprises to SMEs, as well as, government organizations, across a wide range of industries, such as financial services, education, consumer goods, healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications, and media.
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