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Amethyst USP

Amethyst CMMS Software is an application used to keep track of cyclical and non-cyclical payments, serialized and non-serialized billings, and other kinds of expenditure management. The capital of the user is maintained and managed with meticulous accounting and statistical data and interpretation in forms of graphs, pie charts and diagrams. Market risks and fluctuations also analyzed. Request Amethyst Pricing to get more information.


Amethyst is a robust and innovative CMMS among CMMS users and developers. It is a web-based service dispatch software and asset management tool for asset funders and asset providers. It enables customers to manage the lifecycle of metering assets and related metering equipment . It has an extremely user-friendly interface and comes with the ability to manage stocks and billings, warranty management and client history management. Things like billing management, which need to be repeated after equal intervals of time are best managed by Amethyst CMMS Software.

Amethyst  Pricing:

In order to know the Amethyst pricing plans one must contact the vendor through the product website, the vendor does not disclose prices of their products on any public fora. The support team of Amethyst is responsive and efficient and the prices are shared privately, with every requesting individual.

Amethyst CMMS Software Demo:

  • No information regarding a demo is provided by the vendor. The support team must be contacted for the same. 

Amethyst CMMS Software Features:

→Bill management 

  • Keeps track and manages billing cycles, which needs to be completed regularly after regular intervals of time. 
  • Tracks and manages energy suppliers and also keeps track of serialized and/or non-serialized equipment.

→Stock Management

  • Checks and maintains detailed accounts of stocks and investments which are generally subjected to a lot of fluctuations due to market conditions.
  • Provides comprehensive statistical data based on the analyses of the stock market which enables the user to keep a better track of the stocks and to take decisions on investments.

→Manages contacts and partners

  • Manages contacts and trading partners and keeps track of their correspondences and deliberations
  • Facilitates better communication with contacts and trading partners by creating and maintaining detailed profiles and portfolios. 


  • Computes expenses, investments, billings, and stocks
  • Provides with detailed statistical data and an audit of the above, and ensures proper calculations, planning, and management of capital. 


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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Stock Management”

Stocks are more than often subjected to market risks and fluctuations and need keen assessment. Amethyst analyses all the above and provides users with minute analysis with ensures better investment planning and management of capital.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Expenditure management”

Amethyst takes care of all kinds of expenditure including billings, warranties, and auditing. All kinds of expenditure are reported with a careful eye on the details.
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86 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Amethyst
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