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BxSlider is a flexible and responsive jQuery slider/carousel plugin to create a content slider including images, videos, and HTML contents. The BxSlider module combines with its library and field formatters to display all the pictures on the webpage. Many e-commerce, real-estates, classified, etc., websites require a content slider to give a brief idea about their brand to the audience.

Bxslider Pricing:

BxSlider is a free content slider software. You can customize your website by using different carousel techniques. A web page can be modified by inserting an attractive content slider without worrying about BxSlider pricing. The configuration is quite easy to create moving slides of images, HTML contents, animation, and videos.

Bxslider Demo:

BxSlider demo is completely free. Install the plugin and unzip the folder. Take the readymade CSS and jQuery file and insert it into your webpage code. There is no need to worry about BxSlider pricing to try the software for your website. 

Bxslider Features:

Following are some of the exciting features of BxSlider jQuery slider plugin:

  • Responsive
    • Adaptable to any device screen size due to flexible slider layouts
    • Slides containing images, videos, and HTML contents are also responsive
  • Modes and Support
    • Insert content in different modes, i.e., fade, vertical or horizontal
    • Allows you to slide or swipe content with built-in advanced touch support
    • Create animated slides using CSS transitions
  • Designing and Configuration
    • Availability of several configuration options
    • Customize accessibility by public methods and complete API callback
  • Compatibility 
    • Supports browsers like Chrome, iOS, Android, Firefox, Safari, IE7+
    • Compact fully-themed file size and easy to implement on any platform


  • +14
  • +11
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +12
    Asset management
  • +8
    Bulk management
  • +6
    Content tagging
  • +5
    Library of website themes
  • +8
    Mobile optimization
  • +14
    Page templates
  • +5
    Taxonomy creation
  • +13
    WYSIWYG editor
  • +6
    Customer Service
  • +12
    Mobile App
  • +5
    System Integration
  • +13
    Windows Installation
  • +8
    Audio Content
  • +9
    Video Content
  • +10
    Website Management
  • +7
    Analytics tools
  • +5
    Open API
  • +6
    W3C compliance
  • -14
    Web traffic analytics
  • -7
    Browser compatibility
  • -10
    Community management
  • -7
    Content archiving
  • -11
    Content scheduling
  • -6
    Content versioning
  • -13
    Document indexing
  • -9
    E-commerce functionality
  • -10
    Form generation
  • -12
    Import/export content

Bxslider Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 09, 2020

“Excellent Software to Customize Websites”

It is easy to install and use the software. Anyone can learn simple techniques and configurations to add a content slider on a web page. It provides various features to modify the website.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Building a Viewable Website in Fewer Efforts”

It is easy to learn simple steps to create a content slider. A great website can be constructed with the help of this software.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 09, 2020

“No BxSlider Pricing to Improve Website Designing”

Adding a content slider gives a unique and appealing look to the viewer. It helps in providing an overall idea about the website and how one can access it.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the main features of Bxslider software?

Some of the key features of the software are as below: • Rich Text Editor • SEO Management • Easy to Use Interface • Touch Enabled

Who is Bxslider software ideal for?

The software is ideal for: smaller companies or start-ups, smes and large size organizations.

Which mobile platforms is Bxslider software compatible with?

Details will be updated soon.

Which operating systems is this software compatible with?

The software is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows and Mac.

What deployment options does this software offer?

The software offers Cloud Based Deployment.

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