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Altair Knowledge Studio Cognitive Analytics
Michigan, USA
$101MN to $500MN
65 Buyers Negotiating

Altair Knowledge Studio Cognitive Analytics USP

Angoss Software Corporation is a dominant name in the cognitive analytics solutions niche. It is a pioneer in offering predictive analysis for organizations seeking enhanced performances across marketing sector, risk management, and sales. It comes with KnowledgeSEEKER, incredible KnowledgeSTUDIO, as well as KnowledgeREADER comprising of high-end decision and strategy management solutions. It can pick out interesting behavioral patterns, distinct segments and delivers statistical summary. You can procure data prevention along with discovery with the help of data mining as well as the engine for predictive analytics. It comes with an intuitive and exciting decision as well as strategy trees. It provides you with models of logistics regression for advanced scorecards of credit applications. Request Altair Knowledge Studio Cognitive Analytics Pricing to get more information.



KnowledgeSEEKER: It is a feature that is helpful in data mining and advanced predictive analytics. It comprises of data mining, import of data, the export of data, profiling of data, transformation of data, deployment of workloads, market analysis and much more.
KnowledgeACCELERATOR: It is a tool for data visualization, predictive analysis of software and data discovery. It eradicates the need for developing models or algorithms and helps in predictive analysis of the data as well as mining of it.
KnowledgeREADER: You can take advantage of the incorporated customer intelligence from the combination of text analytics and discovery of visual texts infused with predictive analytics.


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Altair Knowledge Studio Cognitive Analytics
65 Buyers Negotiating
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Altair Knowledge Studio Cognitive Analytics Reviews


Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

Nov 26, 2019

“Tailor-Made for Business”

The cognitive analytics solutions it provides can fit into your business requirements and can make your organization more proficient. KnowledgeACCELERATOR is immense in providing detailed analytics and developing brilliant models.
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Buyer, Oil and Gas, Enterprise

Nov 26, 2019

“High-Performance Solutions”

I have been using this cognitive analytics solution for some time, and one thing I have noticed is its immense capacity to deliver unmatched predictive analytics. The data mining and discovery integrated with customer intelligence are superior in providing top-notch productivity.
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