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  • California, USA
  • 1984
  • $10BN to $50BN
BFSI, Retail and eCommerce, Government and Public Sector
Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America
Company Overview
It is a cloud based solution for threat detection and risk management inside networks.It addresses gaps in perimeter by identifying the symptoms by malware infection or data breach using behavioural analysis and anomaly detection. Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics relies on advanced statiscal modeling and machine learning to independently identify new threats , learn what it sees and adapt over time.It is available through a simple add on license with Cisco Cloud Web Security Solution.

Cisco Systems is uniquely positioned in the market with its cognitive network security offering, Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics. It is a cloud-based solution for threat detection and risk management to deliver advanced network security, reducing the time to discover and mitigate the scope of an attack inside the network.

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Other,Company Name Classified
Other, Company Name Classified

“Cisco Talos: A must have software to prevent cyberattacks"

Cisco Talos is a software, easy and simple to use. No expert is needed for its configuration. It has an excellent interface. Both small and large organizations processes large volumes of data. Hence, this software is recommended to prevent loss or breach of these data.
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