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  • Uusimaa, Finland
  • 1865
  • $10BN to $50BN
Travel and Hospitality, Retail and eCommerce, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Government and Public Sector
North America
Company Overview
Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight is a software application which deploys machine learning alogorithms to track and analyze the aggregrate movement of subscribers using real time network data.The software optimizes itsekf over time, continually building an acurate and complete profile of subscriber crowd activity.

Nokia provides two solutions, Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight and Cognitive Analytics for Marketing Insight, supported by its Nokia AVA cognitive services platform. Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight is a software application which deploys machine learning algorithms to track and analyze the aggregate movement of subscribers using real-time network data.

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Vice President, Company Name Classified
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“Well-suited for areas with high flow of people"

You can use this to figure out things like route detection, flow of people, time with highest flow of people, by simply inputing these parameters. It gives you an overview of the entire environment based on these parameters. It has a month’s backup which helps you track business growth. A problem with this product is that you cannot test it, nor does it give you a registration option.
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