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Nuance drives AI innovations throughout the customer life cycle with focus on prediction, conversation, and analytics backed by cognitive engines and human assistance. Request NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS IVR Pricing to get more information.


Nuance provides multiple AI-powered solutions for healthcare and omnichannel customer engagement. Interactive Voice Response or virtual assistant to better understand human words, because it can recognize a wide variety of responses.

Top Usecases

  1. Wealth Management
  2. Suppliers Risk
  3. Virtual Assitant
  4. Digital Compliance Operations
  5. Competitive Advantage
  6. Targeted Business And Manufacturing Process
  7. Virtual Assitant For Wealth Advisory, Branch Enquiries,Contact Centre, Mobile Banking
  8. Analytics And Automation Skills
  9. Talent Management And Human Resources
  10. Cyber Securty

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +9 Speech
  • +14 Text Recognition
  • +7 Hosted/On Cloud
  • +6 On - Premises
  • +11 Deployment & Integration Services
  • +12 Education & Training
  • +9 Managed Services
  • +13 Support & Maintenance
  • +10 Technology Consulting
  • +8 Full Time Equivalent
  • +9 Susbcription/Licensing
  • +10 Language
  • +12 Search
  • +8 Vision
  • +12 Adaptive
  • +5 Contextual
  • +14 Interactive
  • +6 Iterative
  • +13 Stateful
  • +8 Chatbots
  • -13 Data Pattern Recognition
  • -7 E-learning
  • -10 Face Detection
  • -12 Fraud Detection
  • -9 Sentimental Analysis
  • -5 Social Media Monitoring
  • -5 Cost & Units - Per Gb
  • -14 Cost & Units - Per Minute
  • -13 Cost & Units - Per Tps
  • -10 Per Users Basis
  • -11 Knowledge
  • -7 Human Brain
  • -11 Risk Assesement
  • -6 Video Survelliance
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NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS IVR presence in Cognitive Analytics Solutions

Nuance Communications caters to various industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, education, and logistics. With a global footprint, the company continues to strengthen its product portfolio through new product launches and product upgradation in the market. In this pursuit, Nuance launched IVR to Digital as part of a series of its cognitive and conversational AI innovations for customer care in June 2017. Nuance IVR to Digital leverages the platform approach to connect customer touchpoints across the IVR and digital channels for a true omnichannel experience that resolves customer queries quickly and effectively. The company invests around 13% of its revenue in R&D efforts, which reduced from its previous year’s expenditures. Further, the company has continued its efforts to innovate in the AI domain using the strategies of partnerships and collaborations. Recently, in May 2017, it partnered with Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI GmbH), the world’s largest German research center for AI, dedicated to the development of AI methods and applications. Nuance opened an office at the DFKI campus in Saarbruecken to further advance cognitive and conversational AI innovations across several joint research initiatives, including the relationship between humans and in-car systems, as well as, AI applied to healthcare systems and omnichannel customer care.




Sep 23, 2019

“Evolving strategic data and analytics Initiatives”

Nuance speech solutions push for exceptional accuracy through breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and deep learning and CognitiveScale''s Augmented Intelligence software helps businesses apply Artificial Intelligence
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Sep 23, 2019

“Cognitive automation”

Nuance Communications has been a pioneer in speech recognition and virtual assistant technology. It powers by advances in cloud and cognitive computing
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James Smith

Feb 26, 2019

“Amazing product!”

The best part about Dragon is that you can acclimatize it to your way of speaking and the kind of words you use. Once it gets used to this, it starts using them instinctively. The interface is also very easy to use and is great for someone with who has difficulty typing. It is also great when you need to complete time-sensitive work like reports and papers. However, pronunciation must be clear, since we found it lacking in catching disfluencies in some instances.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Feb 22, 2019

“Love its accuracy, but can be a little tricky for beginners.”

Despite being a fairly decent typist, I needed something to increase my output. Dragon NS pleasantly surprised me with how easy it made executing my voice commands! Not only does it understand what I’m saying, it also navigates easily through tables and columns. It also has a wide database of spellings so the risk of misspelling is really low! The only slight issue I have with it is that apart from a few programs like Excel and Word, I cannot use DNS in others like OneNote. But this probably something that Microsoft needs to look into as well. All in all, a great product for typing, especially even things like special punctuation
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