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Buj is a collaboration software that allows users to monitor all the actions and progress of their team in one place, and they can also engage them in the planning process, find bottlenecks and find a way to avoid them. The biggest advantage is the Buj pricing. It is absolutely free for anyone willing to use it.

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Buj collaboration software is a software that helps teams work together through the collaboration of data. You can create posts related to tasks, check out the feed for responses and integrate data. You can promote group discussions and collect ideas and opinions with Buj collaboration software. It's the new and improved method of inculcating discussions and making decisions with your team. Buj collaboration software is all about creating synergy for your organization.

Buj Pricing

Detailed Buj pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with the leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offers competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For more details about Buj pricing plans, contact the company.

Buj Demo

Buj pricing is not mentioned by the vendor so anyone can do a demo and download the software for their company. You can use the software in any business segment and can use it to conduct meetings, assign tasks and track all the activities of your team.


Easy organization of teams

  • Users can organize a team based on the project or department or in any other way
  • They can send information to multiple teams at a time or to individual users
Stimulates conversations
  • All conversations are known to the team members. Users can search for previous conversations and solve similar issues
Integration of tools
  • Users can use existing integrated tools or customize their own. Data is immediately available to all the users and teams
  • Users can send messages, do a video call, or read through the feed to see what they have missed out
Easy monitoring
  • Users can monitor the activities of your team easily
  • Users can make announcements, plans, coordinate and ensure quality delivery of their product or service


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Buj Reviews


James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Buj pricing”

Very happy with the platform overall. The product offers a wide range of functionality with an affordable price.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Helpful service”

I enjoy the design and excellent customer service whenever you need it. I love the ability to have access to everything
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of Buj?

The key features of this software are as follows: Call Recording, Chat / Messaging, Board Meetings

Who are the typical users of Buj?

This software typically has its users and customers from Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

Which operating system does Buj support?

Web App is supported operating system by this software.

Which mobile platforms does this software support?

The software is compatible with mobile platforms such as Android and IOS.

What is the deployment type?

This software offers Web based SaaS deployment of its software.

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