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Firefly collaboration software is the best website for collaborative teamwork related to sharing visual media and sharing them and collecting feedback. It allows you to share any kind of graphic module starting from website mockups, user interfaces of applications and also logos. These visual data are shared along with annotations on top of it which makes working on it easier. Firefly is best suited for entities providing visual products for their customers. 

Firefly Pricing

Firefly’s pricing has been done with regards to the number of people who are using it. Firefly Pricing at $19 per month and goes up to $99 per month. Firefly pricing difference makes no difference to the features that are being given to the customer. 

Firefly Demo

Firefly collaboration software does not provide a free version of the software but it does offer a free trial version of the software. The demo version contains all the features as that of the paid version and helps you to get a hang of it properly.


Discussion Boards
  • Firefly collaboration software helps users to collaborate ideas regarding new and old projects and work ccordingly
  • Allows users to share multiple design boards and discuss them. 
Project Management
  • Creates an automated project management system for efficient collaboration and workflow
  • Allows users to do real-time editing of designs to create a smooth workflow
Artwork Management
  • Integrates tools to help users to edit artworks effectively and share them easily with colleagues
  • Detects patterns and gives suggestions when users work on designs
Change Management
  • Tracks changes in designs and notifies users accordingly to approve it
  • Helps to approve the change with the policies of the entities. 


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Firefly Reviews


James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Helps in giving our best creative insights.”

Firefly is the perfect place for giving our valuable creative insights backed by automation.
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