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IceWarp collaboration software is a business email server application that allows you and your team to work in collaboration through an online medium. Icewarp collaboration software lets users compose emails, put calendar entries, and also find contacts through just one platform. It lets users and their teams streamline work through its interface.

IceWarp Pricing

IceWarp Pricing is in three main categories, Lite at $3/ month, which allows 30GB of emails to 100GB file sync on the IceWarp server. The second category is $3.90/month, with 100 GB email space and 1 TB file sync space. The third category is $7/month, with 500 GB email space and 5TB file sync Space. IceWarp pricing is such that it even allows the small business enterprise to own it and work more efficiently.

IceWarp Demo

IceWarp allows its customers to have a 14-day trial period before they can purchase their monthly subscription. Along with this, you receive 20GB of email space and flexibility to use IceWarp in multiple devices with all your devices synchronized with it. Later, you can check the pricing to choose the plan that best suits you.


TeamChat Integration- Users can send emails directly from the team chat window. They can create emails with the help of teammates by using the TeamChat rooms.

Clever Attachments- SmartAttach feature lets Users attach the heaviest of files on emails by uploading them on the IceWarp Cloud. The files take less space on the inbox and are delivered quickly.

Within app multitasking- Users can chat, compose work, search files and get more work done. Through in-app multitasking, Users achieve higher productivity. 

Outlook Compatibility- Email, calendar, files, tags are all linked to your Outlook. Users' data is not lost in syncing email with IceWarp.


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IceWarp Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Multitasking at its peak”

While you’re in a team chat room, you can simultaneously write emails and take actions.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Affordable and easy”

All your emails can be seen on this interface and IceWarp pricing is economical even for small business enterprises.
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