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Notion collaboration software is a complete workplace for people looking to take down their notes, organize them, access them through different offline devices at the same time share with other team members. It is an app that enables users to work individually as well as others on Web, Mobile, Windows and Mac. Notion collaboration software allows users to store their work in just one app. Notion pricing is also one of the many attractive features of this software.

Notion Pricing

Notion pricing is divided into 4 categories depending upon the customer's usability.
  • One of them is the free of cost version, which comes with the limitation of uploading limits of 5 MB
  • Notion pricing for the personal plan costs around $4/ year or $5/ month
  • Notion pricing for the team plan costs $8/year or $10/month
  • Notion pricing for the enterprise plan costs $20/ year or $25/month

Notion Demo

The demo version or the free version of Notion app allows you to invite unlimited people. However, the upload is limited to 5 MB and while users can share unlimited HTML but not pdf. And the blocks are limited to 1000, including blog posts, etc.


Ease in compiling notes and docs

  • It replaces apps like Google Docs and Evernote
  • Users can paste links, make lists, take notes, edit your doc all through this app.  
Vast knowledge base
  • All the queries around coding, marketing, java, etc. can be resolved through the in-built library
  • It replaces apps like GitHubWiki and Confluence which are content collaboration tools
To-Do list simplified
  • Allows users to create their task list, on their app calendar and organize them as per colour codes
  • Replaces apps like Trello, asana, Jira which are task management tools
Easy access to datasheets and spreadsheets
  • Users can view, edit and organize all their work datasheets and spreadsheets
  • Users do not have to add additional tools to access their data through their mail ids


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