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Shift collaboration software is a user-friendly software and can be used by anyone. You can download it for Mac, Linux, and Windows. SHIFT pricing is also quite reasonable and in case you have a business, you can opt for the Teams package and avail multi-account access along with cross-platform support.

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Shift collaboration software is a desktop software that eases your workflow and makes it more efficient. SHIFT software makes it easier to log in and out of multiple accounts of applications like social media, email, etc. 

SHIFT Pricing

SHIFT pricing is done across three categories overall. The basic version is free and allows up to two email accounts and one application account. The advanced version is a yearly subscription at $99.99 with unlimited accounts for emails and applications. The Shift Pricing for the Teams package is priced based on your organization size and you can get a quote when you buy it.


The basic version of the Shift collaboration software is free and you can do a trial to see if it best suits your needs. However, in case you want to experience all the features or use it for a team, you can check out the pricing models.


Manage work and increase productivity

  • Create a calendar and manage your deadlines, submissions, timetable, etc
  • Integrate work and needn’t shift between multiple tabs
Emails can be managed with the click of a finger
  • Respond to or archive emails easily in multiple accounts
  • With Shift collaboration software, users can take a quick look at your emails from different accounts with the help of the shared inbox
Extensions can be added
  • Users can add extensions like Dropbox, Zoom, Grammarly, Boomerang, etc
Customize the look
  • Add or remove applications as required. Rearrange the order of display based on your usage. 


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SHIFT Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Never miss a notification again!”

Everything I use every-day - Facebook, Slack, Google Hangouts, all my email services, WhatsApp, are all in one place! I never have to fear I am missing some lingering message on some server.
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James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Avoid signing-in every time”

It is extremely simple but makes everything feel so much more streamlined. I can get to work immediately in the morning instead of thinking about signing into and monitoring so many different accounts.
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