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There USP

There collaboration software's USP lies in its way of collaborating workflow among its members who are located across various time zones. There collaboration software is efficiently designed to serve you while you are on a move. It synchronises everybody’s suitable timings for meetings so that everyone is able to give their best. It brings your distributed members under one umbrella and helps them work in a better and more efficient manner. 

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There collaboration software is a communication software from remote members working from different coordinates and different time zones. There collaboration software helps a team schedule workflows and meetings according to a specific module, which looks into everyone’s availability. Teams can work from anywhere using There. Its automation feature allows teams to see what everyone is doing at the moment and go about tasks accordingly. 

There Pricing

There pricing has been done in an attractive manner. There pricing allows users to use it for free per month for a maximum of 5 members but is priced upwards at $40 per month for a maximum of 15 users. If more than 15 members, users have to contact the company to know There pricing.

There Demo

There has a demo version which has all the features of a paid one to get the users acclimatised to the product’s operational structure. There is no free version. 

There Features

Here are some features of There which makes it a suitable option for remote teams:

  • Scheduler Board - Schedules the workflow, meetings and appointments accordingly.  Allows users to choose their meeting time according to everyone’s timezone. 
  • Teamwork - Instantly create a team and allow the members to add other members. Easily see what the current team members are doing at the moment. 
  • Automated Notifications - Turn this on to choose when to receive notifications regarding work. Choose the best time for the meetings and appointments. 
  • Travel assistance - Get assistance with work while travelling. Automated features to go about the work while travelling. 


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There Reviews


Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Eases work across distributed teams while ensuring coordination.”

There made working across a globalised team easier and made workflow simple with automated notifications and travel assistance.
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James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“The best that you can get at this price point.”

There provides the best at the price point by letting us collaborate with our members in an efficient manner.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Best idea of collaborative software.”

There helps you collaborate across different time zones and synchronise work accordingly.
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