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Zoho Projects Collaboration
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Zoho Projects Collaboration USP

The variety of chart and report formats available, especially the Gantt and Resource utilization chart, is appealing for all sizes of enterprises. Moreover, the time tracking feature, issue tracking and workflow contributes to the USP. Apart from that, the smooth and flexible user interface provided by the software makes it one of the best in the market.

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To plan and track the work efficiently followed by a collaboration with the board, Zoho Projects collaboration software comes in use as a cloud-based project management tool. The major tasks to be expected are Team communication, project timekeeping, and bug tracking. You can plan, assign, and manage resources with the help of Zoho Project collaboration software.

Zoho Projects pricing:

The Zoho Projects pricing is dependent on the plan you choose. The plans are Standard (6-10 users), Express (12-50 users), Premium (20-100 users) and Enterprise (25+ users). The software pricing for the plans is 210 INR/month, 280 INR/month, 350 INR and 420 INR/month respectively. However, annual Zoho Projects pricing would range between 175-350/month (INR). 

Zoho Projects Demo:

A 10-day free trial is available excluding the need for credit card details, for the above-mentioned plans. However, an always-free plan is also available but has very little facilities, like file storage of up to 10 MB and only 3 users have access. In addition to that, the demo helps the users to understand the Zoho Projects pricing in a better way.


The software can be expected to effectively provide a lot of dynamic features to the users, which includes: 

  • Tasks performed - Planning and assigning of project activities gets a lot easier and smoother. Management of resources and collaboration with the team becomes efficient. 
  • Gantt charts - To build the project plan and tracking of the task schedule becomes effortless. Shows any variations present between the plotted and the real progress. 
  • Automation of tasks - The Drag and drop interface results in saving time for both simple and complex workflows. Fresh automation is easier to picture and deploy. 
  • Timesheets - Using the project timesheets module both billable and non-billable tasks can be logged. Automatic generation of invoices from timesheets by built-in integration with Zoho invoice.


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Zoho Projects Collaboration
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Zoho Projects Collaboration Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Zoho Integration”

Zoho project’s integration with Zoho and Google apps is an absolute plus to the various essential tools it provides.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 28, 2020


As the software provides so many timekeeping and communication tools, Zoho projects indeed is a very apt management software with a variety of tools required in the office.
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