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Consent Management Platform
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Consent Management Platform USP

It has an automated syncing platform which gets regular updates regarding various changes in the rules and regulations regarding website management. It enforces the rules by providing user with valuable suggestions. Customized widgets are also available for ease of use. The dashboard has all the necessary features and can be modified with features on priority. 

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This software is a software designed to help website publishers in establishing a user-friendly interface. It also automates the consent management process. The service companies provide expert consultation services, privacy program management, and aid in strict policy adherence. After the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came to effect, the importance of company softwares have increased very much. 


The pricing varies depending on the service provider. Piwik Pro Consent Manager pricing starts at $500 per month, whereas OneTrust provides services starting from $27 a year. TrustArc provides similar services starting from $5 a month. The Consent Management Platform Pricing depends on the features that the provider offers.


Most of the service providers offer free demo of their Consent Management Platform software that the clients can access online by submitting a few details. A free version of the software is not available.


The following top features are offered by this software to their clients:

  • Efficient customer behaviour tracking 
    • Privacy-friendly tracking of customers across websites and mobile apps.
    • Enables better understanding of visitors and helps increase client engagement. 
  • Easy configuration of features
    • Provision of customizable forms to change site pop-ups.
    • User-friendly and hassle-free method of implementation.
  • Customizable widget for visitor request
    • Enables website visitors to submit requests and complaints through a customizable widget.
    • Requests are easy to manage and process.
    • Access to the complete history of submitted requests and consents.
  • Professional and analytical consultation service
    • Efficient customer care to help implement software features. 
    • Professional help and guidance through product training along with analytics consulting.


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Consent Management Platform
63 Buyers Negotiating
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Consent Management Platform Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 06, 2020

“Efficient consent management”

Consent Manager manages consent amendments of the visitors in an automated manner.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 06, 2020

“Visitor friendly features”

It ensures that the privacy of the visitors is maintained while also letting them know the details of the data the website wishes to gather.
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