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wISO boasts of covering a variety of financial and security issues that a company might face via its exclusive software and web applications. Their applications range from tax management for firms, property billing systems for real estate agents, and virus scanners for individual and company computers. They also offer multi-user cloud usage facilities with simultaneous data access and other comprehensive functions. 

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wISO is a German company that develops a variety of software products that provide an array of facilities like tax management, record keeping, digitization of paperwork, multi-bank operations, and invoice generation. One of its more famous products is the Mein Büro 365, which primarily handles tax payments and customer receipts. This company also caters to the real estate sector. 

wISO Features

Here are some of its key features:

  • Initiates tax returns

    • Downloads previous years’ data to analyze and file returns in the future
    • Caters to employees, pensioners, investors, landlords and the self-employed

  • Provides financial solutions and services

    • Instantly connects to online banking portals for statements and transfer options
    • Handles loans, securities accounts, and property deposits
    • Gives business insights through proactive evaluations

  • Customer relationship management

    • Helps employees draft professional offers and invoices
    • Automated, customizable and easy-to-use technology options for VAT payments
    • Ideal for founders of businesses of all sizes and sectors

  • Secure and certified software 

    • Legally safe and dependable cloud storage services
    • Certified by GoBD laws regarding electronic information and record-keeping

wISO Pricing

wISO Pricing differs according to the products they offer. Their most popular product, Mein Büro 365, is priced at $138/year. Their financial product costs $38/year, and the tax returns software costs $32.5/year. Their cybersecurity product costs $43.40/year per user. All these quotes include VAT.

wISO Demo

wISO provides free trials for 30 days for all their suites. Almost all of their software comes with their full functionality during this period. This can be downloaded easily from their website. Users have an option to avail discounted wISO Pricing after the trial ends.


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wISO Reviews


James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Anytime, anywhere access to data”

wISO facilitates supervising and handling money transactions both offline and online and from home and the office. Its flexible structure significantly increases productivity.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 06, 2020

“Rational and objective design”

wISO has been designed logically and provides a functional chain from the office to the tax office. It is incredibly useful, and the wISO pricing is more than compensated by the profits obtained from its benefits.
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