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Rudder Configuration Management Software is the best software when it comes to open-source but professional structure integrated across multiple platforms for managing the configurations of critical systems. It stimulates the concept of continuous audit along with configuration management to give a live status on the health of your system. It is the ultimate configuration management software as the entire system is exposed to an uninterrupted and chronic supply of anomalies. 

Rudder Pricing

Pricing is done based on 2 types of subscriptions of the software. If you don’t want to pay for the Rudder Pricing, you can use the free version of Rudder with limited features. On paying the mentioned Rudder Pricing, you can use all the premium features available. Rudder pricing for the paid subscription model is based on the type of machine one uses and is charged annually. Users need to contact the company for further details on this. 

Rudder Demo

There is no specific version of a demo of Rudder Configuration Management Software. Users can use the free version and can upgrade to the paid subscription model to enjoy the advanced features. 


Continuous Configuration- Rudder’s operation is based on a relevant target and if it isn’t met it does real-time reporting and triggers automatic remediation. It completely checks the health of the system every 5 minutes. 

Visualization- Due to its friendly dashboard, it displays numerous graphics that display the health of the system regularly and systematically. It makes it easy to visualize the compliance of the fleet compared to global standards.
Audit- Rudder can be compiled to check the status of only one of the measures. It validates every change before it is applied to the system.

Integration- Easy integration with infrastructure automation tools such as Ansible and Rundeck. Integration with Hashicorp Vault, a security infrastructure. Much such integration is available on the module.


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Rudder Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Keeps us updated with real-time figures.”

Rudder stimulates continuous audit to give real-time data that helps us to eliminate any sort of discrepancies or anomalies.
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James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Integration of valuable tools into our system.”

Rudder helps us to integrate important tools for better performance of the system.
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