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CallMiner Eureka
  • Waltham, Massachusetts, US
  • 2002

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CallMiner Eureka, the speech analytics software from the company, automates the process of accessing and analyzing large volumes of customer interactions across all communication channels. The product enables contact center to improve agent performance, ensure compliance and minimize risks, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experience. The company offers Eureka starter, a search discovery analytics solution and Eureka Enterprise, which provides full speech and text analytics capabilities, for its CallMiner Eureka platform. CallMiner myEureka provides contact center managers, supervisors, and agents access to the feedback driven by the company’s speech analytics software. CallMiner EurekaLive provides contact center executives with real-time feedback and recommends the next course of action by monitoring in-progress calls and delivering instant alerts. The company provides a comprehensive solution set including speech analytics, cross-channel analytics, predictive analytics, performance analytics and text analytics along with other solutions such as sentiment analytics.

CallMiner Eureka USP

CallMiner registers its presence in the contact center analytics market with a number of solutions such as CallMiner Eureka, CallMiner myEureka, CallMiner EurekaLive, CallMiner Eureka API and CallMiner Eureka Xchange that can be deployed on-premises and on-demand.

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CallMiner Eureka Presence in Contact Center Analytics Solutions
CallMiner is an established speech analytics software provider with direct presence in North America, Europe, and APAC. The company further caters to a global clientele through sales offices, and channel partners in North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and MEA. It has its offices in the US UK and Australia, and continues to expand its market presence. Recently, CallMiner opened a new office in Fort Myers (Florida, US) to accommodate its rapid growth. CallMiner boosts its existing contact center analytics product portfolio and increases the customer base through regional, industry and use-case specific partnerships. It works in collaboration with global companies such as Nuance, Aspect, and Five9 while also partnering with regional players such as CallTech (Colombia), and others in UK and Australia. The recent partnership in this series was in June 2017 was with Nuance Communications, Inc. This partnership enables Nuance to add CallMiner Eureka to its analytics product portfolio and service practice, allowing for full customer journey analysis, from initial IVR connection through completion of the customer interaction. This will enable enterprises to incorporate the true voice of the customer into their big data initiatives, for much richer customer intelligence and better customer experience. Further, the company has taken up product developments activities to boost its existing product portfolio and new product launches in addition to collaboration with other contact center service providers to expand its analytics offerings and market reach. In June 2017, the company launched Eureka Starter Edition, a full speech transcription and rich search discovery tool designed for smaller contact centers or larger organization looking to gain insight into their customer interaction without the need to dedicate an analyst. CallMiner also announced its collaboration with Amazon Connect cloud-hosted contact center service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new development will allow businesses of any size that are using Amazon Connect to extract meaningful business insights from customer conversations to improve contact center and agent performance, and elevate the customer experience. In addition, the company launched a free online calculator that helps companies compute achievable Return on Investment (ROI) with CallMiner Eureka. Furthermore, in November 2016, the company launched Eureka Xchange, an app exchange for its Eureka 10 interaction analytics platform. With presence in several industries, BFSI, BPO and business services, and media and entertainment are the top three revenue generator industries for CallMiner. The company expects growing demand from these industries along with others such as healthcare, travel and hospitality and projects a revenue growth rate of 30% to 40% for the financial year 2016-2017. In addition, CallMiner has a strong capital backing with over USD 60 million secured from a number of funding rounds over the years.

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