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AWS Fargate
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AWS Fargate USP

The main USP of AWS Fargate is that users can run containers without worrying about the architecture and the server. Also, another USP is that it has overcome the limitations of AWS Lambda. By doing this Fargate has increased its maximum memory size from 512MB to 10GB, making execution time unlimited and maximum memory allocated from 3GB to 30GB.

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AWS Fargate is a type of serverless computing engine that works with Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) and Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service). AWS Fargate allows containers to run without having to manage servers. Fargate can quickly launch tens of thousands of containers and can seamlessly scale to meet your applications compute requirements. 

AWS Fargate Pricing:

AWS Fargate pricing is calculated from the time you start downloading. Depending on your resources like vCPU and memory resources you will be billed. Aws Fargate pricing will be calculated on every second spend during download. The grand total AWS Fargate pricing will be shown once the download has been completed in your system. Additional charges may incur if the container is using other AWS services or data transfer. 

AWS Fargate Demo:

AWS Fargate Demo is available for all users which means anyone can create a free account of fargate. Using this free access one can explore more than 60 products. The free accounts never expire and are available to all AWS users. You get a 12-month free trial followed by a sign-up date.

AWS Fargate Features:

Here are some of the features that we get from AWS Fargate:

  • Observability
    • With Amazon’s CloudWatch service we are now able to access automated dashboards.
    • Application development is easy using ECS.
  • Security
    • AWS Fargate has container security so that none of your applications is accessible to others.
    • AWS Secret Manager, Amazon API gateway work together to ensure security for your container.
  • Serverless Architecture
    • As this is a serverless architecture, we are allowed to have numbers of different use cases.
    • Help us in migrating the applications from Monolithic to Microservice.
  • Machine Learning
    • We can build real-time Artificial Intelligence using AWS’s Fargate.
    • AWS Fargate works with other Amazon services like SageMaker and CodePipeline which enables the implementation of containers using machine learning.


  • +7
    Cloud, Web-based, SaaS
  • +8
  • +7
    Container Networking
  • +8
  • +6
  • +11
    System Integration
  • +12
  • +10
    Access Control
  • +13
    Container Health Management
  • +12
    File Isolation
  • +5
    Hybrid Deployments
  • +11
    Network Isolation
  • +14
    Shared File Systems
  • +5
    Application Development
  • +10
    Developer Toolkits
  • +11
  • +9
  • +9
    Version Control
  • +14
  • +13
    Live Support Chat
  • -10
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • -12
    Automatic Scaling
  • -13
    Build Automation
  • -6
    Container Storage
  • -14
    Deployment Automation

AWS Fargate Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Serverless container solution”

Fargate allows us to decouple the packaging from the underlying operating system, also cloud-native application building is now much easier.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Good Entry point for scalable backends”

We can just start out without having any worries of setting up the server. By using fargate you are not required to the servers manually by yourself as AWS will manage all of it.
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