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Docker Enterprise
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Docker Enterprise USP

The shortest path to enterprise-scale modern applications is Docker Enterprise. Docker Enterprise is the industry-leading and only container platform that provides modern applications with a simple, as-a-service experience and a core point of coordination between development and operations to create, distribute and run.

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Docker Enterprise is the industry-leading container orchestration platform on private clouds, public clouds, or plain metal for designing and operating modern apps on the scale, everywhere. It is a mature framework for delivering, when and when users like, scalable, hardened, resilient, and manageable orchestration of Kubernetes and/or Swarm containers.

Docker Enterprise Pricing

Docker Enterprise pricing plans come in three different plans. Users can contact the vendor directly for customized docker enterprise pricing plans as per the business requirements.

  1. Basic - Compliant Linux and Windows Server Mirantis Container Runtime Starting from $50.00 per node. Minimum 3 Nodes for online transactions needed. A limit of no more than 27 nodes.
  2. Labcare 8x5 Support - Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server Starting at $1,150.00 per node. Minimum 3 Nodes for online transactions needed. A limit of no more than 27 nodes.
  3. Labcare 8x5 Support - Mirantis Container Runtime for Compatible Linux From $1,840.00 per node. Minimum 3 Nodes for online transactions needed. A limit of no more than 27 nodes.

Docker Enterprise Demo

The users can schedule a live demo from the website of the vendor which will explain all the features of the software. There are other resources available in the form of webinars, pre-recorded videos, blogs and articles. A free trial is also available if required.


Run everywhere - On virtual computers, plain metal, or another public cloud, Docker Enterprise can run virtually everywhere. Worker Nodes can run on a number of Linux or Windows Server operating systems.

Run Securely - Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is secure-by-default built around Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly Docker Engine-Enterprise), fitted with industry-leading FIPS-140-2 encryption and built-in Material Trust to avoid incorrectly signed or unsigned container workloads from being performed.

Specialized hardware assistance - Mirantis Container Runtime can be easily installed in bare metal and virtual environments to allow the use of specialised hardware, including FPGAs and GPUs, making them suitable for science, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence.

Ready for work batteries provided - Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters are designed with finest, Kubernetes entry and container networking defaults (Istio and Calico) out of the box, so they're ready for work. But they're also conveniently flexible and extensible because they're based on open source standards.


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Docker Enterprise
5 Buyers Negotiating
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