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Shipyard USP

The primary USP of Shipyard Container Management Software is its ability to manage the docker resources. It includes containers, images, private registries, and many more. The application is highly compatible with Docker Remote API and also provides composability. It enables authentication and access control on all the Docker resources. 

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Shipyard Container Management Software is a docker management tool which is built on Docker Swarm. It helps in managing the Docker resources, which includes images, containers, private registries, and much more. It is entirely compatible with Docker Remote API and hence, promotes composability. The software provides authentication as well as role-based access control.

Shipyard Pricing

Shipyard pricing is void for the trial. It costs you based on how big your company is. It varies from startup to enterprise. The software helps in managing and tracking the logs. Shipyard pricing depends on the number of registrations in your organization.

Shipyard Demo

It is easy to request a demo of the Shipyard Container Management Software. The consultant will contact you and tell you how to deal with the software. A demo does not come in Shipyard pricing. You will be suggested to buy the appropriate plan for your docker management.


Container Details
  1. Containers are recorded in the form of logs
  2. Allows viewing real-time stats for CPU, memory, and networking
Docker Execution into a Container
  1. View images and tags across the cluster and deploy it to Swarm nodes
  2. View nodes and their hostnames or IP
Manage Docker Registries
  1. Add multiple registry endpoints to view or manage repositories
  2. View layer information like creation date and size
Authentication and Access Control
  1. Create, manage and access containers, images, registries, etc
  2. Authentication against LDAP
Track All the Operations
  1. Easy to track all the events


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Shipyard Reviews


Transportation and Logistics

May 09, 2020

“Access Container Details with Ease”

The details of the containers are stored in the form of logs. These records are easy to create, manage, and record. One can view real time stats like memory, CPU, and networking.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“The Best tool to Manage Registries”

It provides a convenient method to create and track registries. It is easy to handle repositories by using layer information like date of creation, etc.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 09, 2020

“Effective Docker Management Tool”

It is an effective way to access and manage docker resources. It is 100% Docker remote API, which helps in accessing the logs, containers, images, private registries, etc. Tracking becomes easy with the help of this application.
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