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TeamCity Continuous Integration
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TeamCity Continuous Integration USP

There are several features of the CI/ CD system, TeamCity, which are worth noting. The primary USPs of the software, however, include the uncomplicated process of setting up the software and the time it saves for the development practitioners. The software provides efficient continuous integrations and deployment tools. It allows concurrent testing and satisfactory management of pipelines. Moreover, users can also configure pipeline scripts according to their preferences. The software is highly customizable and allows for the smooth functioning of the development process without any complications. 

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TeamCity is a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or CI/ CD system, developed by JetBrains. Programmed in Javascript, the software allows engineers and developers to build and test their applications. Users can also utilize TeamCity to deploy features, in any programming language. The purpose of this software is to help developers reduce the time spent in their development practice while ensuring high-quality results and increased productivity. 

TeamCity Features

TeamCity consists of numerous features that users can utilize to ensure satisfactory outputs in their development practice. A few features worth noting are listed below. 

  • Continuous Integrations 
    • Allows users to update their applications with new features with ease
    • Provides continuous monitoring and management to ensure satisfactory performance
  • Deployment Strategies and Pipelines
    • Provides continuous deployment for application development 
    • Allows for configuration and customization of deployment pipeline scripts
    • Manages separate pipelines for each integration and deployment 
  • Automated Testing 
    • Provides with efficient results at each step of the development process
    • Allows users to choose outputs for testing
    • Provides regular reviews of scripts 
  • Parallel Execution 
    • Allows testing of scripts concurrently 
    • Gives accurate and immediate results, thereby saving time 

TeamCity Pricing

TeamCity provides a free version of the software. The professional version of the CI/ CD system is free as well. However, the user can add $299 to the TeamCity Pricing for an additional build agent. Moreover, the Enterprise version of the software depends on the number of build agents, which can fall in the range of three to one hundred. TeamCity Pricing changes to $1,999 per year for the numerous build agents. 

TeamCity Demo

TeamCity does provide a free trial version for the software.


  • +7
    Pipeline Control
  • +9
    Deployment-Ready Staging
  • +11
  • +10
  • +5
    Customer Service
  • +14
  • +12
    Processes and Workflow
  • +13
  • +8
    Annual Subscription
  • +9
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +8
    Workflow Visualization
  • +13
  • +14
    System Integration
  • +5
    Access Control
  • +6
  • +6
  • +12
    Mac Installation
  • +10
    Mobile App
  • +7
    Monthly Subsciption
  • +9
    One-Time Purchase
  • -11
    Windows Installation

TeamCity Continuous Integration Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“User-Friendly and Satisfactory”

The software is incredibly easy to install, and the numerous useful features, including automated testing and reliable functioning, make the development of applications a productive and time-saving process.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Efficient CI and CD tools”

At the advantageous TeamCity Pricing, the software is extremely competent with intelligent tools and features that allow developers to easily optimize performance.
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