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SnapLogic USP

SnapLogic is an AI-powered integrated software that allows you to connect various applications to deliver an incredible experience to your users and partners. As most of the businesses rely on automated workflows and direct management, SnapLogic can work brilliantly for them. It can integrate with various data systems to monitor real-time data analysis and identify the potential opportunities for various businesses.

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SnapLogic is a pioneer in managing the enterprise cloud as well as big data integration services. It is the problem solver for various organizations against the necessary connection required to run its data applications and devices. It allows you to run real-time event-driven programs as per your requirements.

SnapLogic Features

These features help make SnapLogic the best from the lot -

  • Great tools to maximize productivity -
    • It provides a visual setup that works without any coding. You can integrate and administer different tools to maximize your productivity.
    • The software has built-in tools and functionalities to convert various data values as per your formats.
  • Top-notch integration options -
    • You can easily integrate your system with BigData sources like Hadoop, NoSQL, and other multiple sources.
    • Supports event-based integrations to give you a great monitoring platform.
  • In-depth data insights into your business process -
    • You can easily check your system for any potential threats or opportunities. SnapLogic provides the best data governance to your business.
    • Data masking is a lot easier as it allows you to protect your sensitive data.
  • User-friendliness -
    • It allows every administrator to control access towards all the integrations and management of the system.
    • Freedom to customize the various functionalities as per your business requirements. 

SnapLogic Pricing

SnapLogic pricing is fully based on the type of functionality and size of the users. The Commercial edition starts at $4800, the enterprise edition comes at a starting price of $10000 and the ultra enterprise edition is purely a quote-based model. You have to specify your needs and you will get the price quote accordingly.

SnapLogic Demo

SnapLogic comes with a 30-day trial service so that you can take the experience of better-integrated service software. However, the demo version has a lot of limitations. You need to choose the appropriate SnapLogic pricing model to utilize the full version.


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SnapLogic Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Fast and improved ETL mechanism”

My data engineering team has made these data transformations possible by means of this software.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Impressively the best option available in the market”

Extracting useful information from the databases can easily be done with the software. However, SnapLogic pricing model is on the higher side but it is the best tool available out there.
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