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Spinnaker is a platform for continuous delivery developed at Netflix. The system provides proficient tools for continuous integration and continuous deployment, ensuring accurate results for developers. A large number of teams have tested the CI software, during the production, to promise an efficient management system that speeds up your work. 

Spinnaker Pricing:

Spinnaker Pricing structures itself on an hourly basis. On average, the Spinnaker Pricing is equal to $0.371 per hour. Users are to provide their location to calculate the distinct worth of the software. The full version installation takes place using Halyard, a software which also helps in configuring and updating Spinnaker.

Spinnaker Demo:

Spinnaker does provide a demo version for all users. This demo version is a free trial version which solely helps users to evaluate the CI/ CD system. 

Spinnaker Features:

Spinnaker provides its users with several features that they can use in their development practice to result in perfectly functional application codes. Some of the features that are worth noting are listed below.

  • Continuous Integration 
    • Allows for integrating new codes into the depository multiple times each day
    • Verifies instilled codes automatically
    • Provides continuous and efficient monitoring of applications
  • Deployment Strategies
    • Employs wide-ranged deployment strategies 
    • Allows users to customize strategies
    • Ensures accelerated and reliable functioning
  • Manual Judgement and Role-Based Access Control
    • Allows the need for manual approval before an update release
    • Provides security to projects with access control
  • Chaos Monkey Integration and Notifications
    • Allows to test applications against instance failures 
    • Provides the notification feature over email, SMS and more


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Spinnaker Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Commendable Deployment Strategies”

Spinnaker is a suitable choice for a CI/ CD system since it manages and delivers results efficiently. Moreover, Spinnaker provides deployment strategies which are broad-ranged and rarely ineffective.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Efficient CI System”

Spinnaker Pricing is a bargain considering the included features in the software, from pipeline setups which are not complicated and a great search feature as well.
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