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Travis CI
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Travis CI USP

Travis CI offers a straightforward and fast set up option removing all the complexities in between. It can be integrated from Github in a few clicks. It offers pre-installed database services that can be availed by the user. Also, it has its operations on all platforms such as iOS, Linux and Mac with a dedicated support team in all. With $129 per month, Travis CI pricing is economical for the business that needs a robust continuous integration platform. It offers YAML customization options.

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Travis CI is a robust continuous integration software which allows its user to run and test their codes through a very user-friendly interface. It easily integrates with big names like GitHub and is an easy setup option for the users. It's entirely free for open source codes and provides the user with a reliable testing platform that can be used by multiple persons.

Travis CI pricing:

Travis CI is free for open sources projects. All the tests are free for lifetime. However, the Travis CI pricing starts at $ 129 per month for the enterprise version. Depending on the customisablity of the features, users can get variable price quotes for the software. 

Travis CI Demo:

Travis CI offers a demo version for the enterprise version. However, for the free forced platforms, the tool is entirely free. The demo version is upgraded to the paid version at the present cost. The demo version opens all the enterprise version features which can be further modified on request.

Travis CI Features:

Opening line features of the software

  • Displaying repositories.
    • Shared repositories are available.
    • Listed out codes for easy access.
    • Build pull requests.
  • Easy set up.
    • Can be easily set up via Github.
    • Offers a user friend UI for faster setup time.
    • Supports 21 languages and covers a wide geographical area.
  • Hosted on Cloud platform.
    • Can readily test in different environments upon requirements.
    • Cuts the dedicated host server needs.
  • Tests 
    • Parallel testing is possible.
    • Shared folder for other persons.
    • Check node quality and artifacts building.
    • Each pull request is tested.


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Travis CI
68 Buyers Negotiating
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Travis CI Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Full control on the system.”

With a cloud hosting server, it has helped in putting down the repositories to it''s finest quality. The pricing is free for open-sourced users, and it provides complete control.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

May 09, 2020

“Straightforward setup.”

It's an effortless setup process. One can easily integrate it from Github platform with single clicks. Efficient to use and necessary service for code testing.
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