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Ironclad USP

Ironclad provides a self service contract building feature. It writes contracts using custom templates, thus reducing hours of tiresome paperwork. Guardrails are available for ensuring the creation of an error-free contract, reducing the chances of mistake. As the application automates these tasks, the legal team can focus on more significant aspects. Ironclad is a ‘by the legal and for the legal’ software with the CEO being a former corporate attorney at Fenwick.

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Founded by Jason Boehmig (CEO) and Cai GoGwilt (CTO) of Ironclad Inc., Ironclad is a contract management workflow automation product which designs, processes and tracks contracts. It frees the legal team of a company from tiresome paperwork and other irrelevant hassles. The legal team can leave the responsibility of extracting intelligence and other administrative works to the software and themselves focus on other more significant aspects. 

Ironclad Features 

→ Workflow Designer

  • Design and launch contracts with a straightforward drag-and-drop UI and a user-friendly interface
  • Modify contact template language, fine-tune approval routing workflows and ship updates instantly

→ Collaboration and Negotiation

  • Eases out teamwork and contract designing with in-app editing and redlining features
  • Lets Ironclad negotiate intellectually for the best deal

→ Dynamic Repository

  • Unlocks contract data in real time to discover the most underutilised source of business intelligence
  • Accumulates and secure all contracts at one place with agreement metadata

→ Access and Activate contract data

  • Saves time and answer questions efficiently often without reading a word of legalese
  • Breaks barriers between contracts and business with intelligent alerts, process automation and cross-system integration

→ Contract Compliance

  • Ensures compliance with law and organisation’s policies without manual review by automating the process
  • Ensures 100% contract compliance with easily knowing guardrails on clauses and approval routing 

Ironclad Pricing

The Ironclad Pricing is not explicitly available. The subscription details can be accessed through the contact details of Ironclad available on their website.

Ironclad Demo

The video demonstrating the Workflow Designer demo of Ironclad app is available on the official website of Ironclad. Interested users can get access to it by signing in with their official email address. The video can also be viewed on YouTube.


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Ironclad Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Collaborative interface”

Ironclad allows in-app collaboration among the members of a legal team. Officials and executives can preview and edit contracts on the platform.
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Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020

“Sign anytime, anywhere”

Save time and money through the feature of electronic signature which functions using DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Signatures can be affixed digitally through electronic devices.
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