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Poseidon is a cloud-based contract management solution built on the salesforce platform. This allows Poseidon to deliver users a feature rich platform that can be customized to manage contracts and automate workflow while integrating seamlessly into the existing process of the company. Poseidon uses top of the line third party tools to ensure user satisfaction while maintaining privacy.

Poseidon Features

  • Safe data storage
  • Built upon the salesforce platform allows Poseidon to be safe, secure and confidential
  • Use of dedicated spaces in top tier data centers ensures ease of retrieval for data and documents

  • Customization
  • Add custom fields or change existing layouts at any time
  • Manage the dashboard, notifications, reminders, workflow and advanced document management proactively.

  • Save Time
  • Centralize all data, dates and documents in a single centralized location all accessible through this platform
  • Use the optimized search easily, filtering and reporting process

  • Save Money
  • Allow the user to eliminate errors in the contract creating process with consistent contract management 
  • Negotiate better results with vendors, suppliers and contractors with automated contract management

  • Reduce Risk
  • Automate the client onboarding processes to guarantee proper reviewal and approval
  • Using no hardware or software just 100% cloud allows Poseidon to be highly secure

Poseidon Pricing

Poseidon Pricing starts from $100 per month/ per user to $250 per month/ per user. Poseidon offers flexible licensing allowing the user to focus on specific contract management requirements. Here are Poseidon Pricing patterns in detail:

Centralize & Manage: $100 per month/per user

Contract Lifecycle Management: $250 per month/per user

There are extra charges for set up depending on type of license and number of users

Poseidon Demo

A demo can be requested from Poseidon’s website by contacting the PoseidonCM team. The setup charges include educating the user about how to optimally use Poseidon. Other information is available on Trident’s blog. Webinars and similar learning solutions can be availed by contacting the Poseidon team.


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Poseidon Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Reduces Risks”

Poseidon provides the tools and resources necessary to effectively manage vendor risk, resulting in cost savings to the user, and reduction of overall risk to business
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James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Excellent Customer Service”

Poseidon delivers a vendor, contract and asset management solution that delivers above and beyond
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