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Sage Group provides Sage CRM which is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that develops sales, marketing and customer service. Sage CRM helps meet the needs of growing businesses by giving end to end visibility and trust worthy insights. Sage CRMoffers customers a choice and flexibility to choose from sales, marketing and service modules or to choose the integrated Sage. Sage pricing charges per user license.

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Sage CRM helps to drive revenue growth, increase productivity and deliver exceptional customer experience. It offers customers a choice and flexibility to choose from sales, marketing and service modules or to choose the integrated Sage.

Sage Pricing:

Sage pricing is $ 69/user/month. It also comes up with On premise software and charges per server and per user license.

On premise Software – Sage pricing for this starts at $ 1495/server and $ 495/user license along with annual support plan between 15% - 21% retail price.

Sage pricing also provides Easy Pay option for all on premise clients. It sums the CRM purchase price with 3 years of annual maintenance and divides it into quarterly payments for three years. It results into payment plan similar to subscription pricing though the customer owns the software licenses post that period.

Sage Demo:

Sage provides demo which is available online for its On premise software. This demo is of 45 minutes. In this demo Sage explains every feature of its software and helps clients to analyze the product along with technical support provided for the same.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Insight: Sage helps customers know their position and helps in making better, quicker and confident decisions
  • Understanding Customers: Sage helps in retaining customers and driving revenue growth by delivering an exceptional customer experience
  • Effective collaboration across teams: Sage removed duplication and helps teams work smarter and quicker.
  • Accelerates Performance: Sage provides access to entire sales information and effectively accelerates the performance of the sales team.
  • Real-time visibility: It provides real-time insights on the tasks that are completed by the team and provides time and expense tracking.
  • Business Processes Optimization: Sage creates automated customer invoices, revenue related entries and also budget adjustments which in turn optimizes business processes.
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