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PINpoint Data Analysis Software
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Pinpoint is a comprehensive software that provides insights on customer engagement, send personalized messages, and keep a check on channels of user engagement. It helps in reducing customer churn and strengthen customer relationships. Pinpoint provides user-centric experiences that aid in shaping the brand image.

PINpoint Pricing 

PINpoint pricing generally depends on the type of channel that a seller uses to convey targeted messages. PINpoint pricing plans are thus categorized based on different mediums and they are as follows: 

  • Email: $1 per 10,000 emails.
  • Push Notifications: $0 for the first million messages. $1 per million messages after that.
  • Messages: Depends on SMS charges of respective countries.

 For more Pinpoint pricing plans, contact vendor. Pinpoint pricing is in line with other competitors in the market

PINpoint Demo

There are various tutorials available for marketers on the official website on how to create an audience segment, import data from external sources, a user and a developer guide to facilitate the user. Various training and certification courses are also available that prove to be advantageous for marketers in the future.


Customer Analytics 
  • Gather and analyze customer data
  • Act to create personalized experiences

Audience Segmentation 
  • Create segments that aid in targeted message delivery 
  • Capture events to understand customer preferences that form the basis of information 

Engagement Analytics 
  • Allows tracking engagement in real-time
  • Understand the performance of each channel to ensure optimum delivery

Market the product 
  • Send personalized emails and notifications to divert flow towards the service
  • Gives the ability to perform both parallel and serial workflows

Quantify Results
  •  Learn how emails impact customer behavior. 
  • Measure the influence of the advertising campaign

Audience Management 
  • Reach the right customer with highly targeted messages
  • Measure business outcomes through data-driven insights



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PINpoint Data Analysis Software Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Apr 25, 2020

“Rich insights on customer engagement”

Pinpoint helps in generating customer engagement analytics that helps businesses align their goals and strategies to long term vision and mission. It aids is targeted message delivery through active channels with the highest user engagement.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“User-centric and easy-to-use”

The platform helps in easy functioning and monitoring of various campaigns undertaken by the marketer. It also aids in tracking the efficiency of various channels and gives detailed understanding of customer behavior.
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