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Workbench Data Analysis Software is a software that performs queries based on data without requiring heavy coding. It makes data accessible and readable as per the need of the user. It can handle large databases and is capable of filtering out unwanted information to produce cognizant data. With the help of queries, the software provides greater insight into the logistics and thus helps in scheming efficient models.

Workbench Pricing

Workbench pricing ranges from 3500/- per month to 35,000/- per month. It also comes with a 14-day free trial for interested users. The Workbench pricing list is as follows-

  1. Starter- 3500/- per month
  2. Pro- 8750/- per month
  3. Team- 17,500/- per month
  4. Enterprise- 35,000/- per month

Workbench Demo

Workbench Data Analysis Software guides its users through the software by videos and heavy knowledge base covering the basics and explaining the working of the software. These can easily be accessed from the website itself.



Connect Effortlessly
  • Connect with different data sources with simple command lines and perform queries hassle-free
  • Perform a critical analysis of the data and gain rich insights into the database
Examine Data Thoroughly
  • Model data into comprehensible information and structure the strategies accordingly.
  • Save the results of the queries and allow editing of the same when required to reduce the loss of information or miscommunication.
Automize tasks
  • Set lined up queries to reduce manual dependency and also reduce time consumption.
  • Reuse snippets and send automated reports to ensure timely submissions and reduce unnecessary labor.
Secured Data
  • Follows transfer protocols with HTTPS to ensure secure transmission of data and loss of information.
  • Store data in private networks that cannot be accessed by anyone other than the creator.
Facilitate Team collaboration
  • Allows export and import of query results and sharing of query URL for smooth communication between different teams.



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Workbench Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Automated queries”

This allows the user to schedule queries and tasks without having to do them manually and thus reducing labor.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Simple language”

The simplicity of the software makes it accessible to every individual. It allows the user to share queries as a link making it easier to collaborate.
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