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TERADATA CORPORATION in Data Fabric Software


It further automates analytic processing and data movement between systems. Teradata QueryGrid leverages the analytic power and value of Teradata Database, Teradata Aster Database, open-source Presto & Hive for Hadoop, Oracle Database, and powerful languages such as SAS, Perl, Python, Ruby, & R. The high-performance query uses data from other sources while using systems within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture such as passing workload priorities makes the best use of available resources. Teradata QueryGrid provides users with high-value, self-service analytics for enterprise transformation, even when the data is stored in multiple database platforms or Hadoop clusters.


Teradata offers data fabric enabled by Teradata QueryGrid. The data fabric weaves together multiple analytics, diverse data repositories, and disparate systems to provide business users a cohesive and uninterrupted analytics ecosystem. Teradata QueryGrid orchestrates query execution across multipleprocessing engines and repositories in a secure and optimized manner. It minimizes data movement and data duplication and processes data where it resides. It enables easy bi-directional data movement.

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TERADATA CORPORATION Presence in Data Fabric Software
Teradata caters to various industry verticals comprising automotive and industrial, communications, consumer goods, digital media and ecommerce, financial services, government, healthcare, high tech manufacturing, hospitality and gaming, insurance, life sciences, media and entertainment, oil and gas, retail, travel, and utilities. The company has major presence in Americas. Its strategy is to deliver business value by being the best analytical partner to the world’s leading firms across a broad set of industries who have high-priority and complex analytical needs. Teradata invests more than 9% of its revenue in R&D activities dedicated to analytics and analytic consulting. The company invested around USD 212 million in R&D in 2016. Teradata mainly adopts the organic growth strategy to cater to its varied client base and maintain its leadership position in the market. For instance, in 2016, Teradata introduced a new capability named borderless analytics, which provides a seamless and transparent business user experience. Further, to equip its customers with the latest technology, Teradata continually upgrades its products. For instance, in 2015, Teradata updated QueryGrid, allowing business analysts to use SQL to query multiple analytics engines without having to move data or learn a new language.


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