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VMware creates solutions that enable digital transformation for its customers as they transform their applications, infrastructure, and devices for their future business needs. VMware offers vFabric Data Director and Pivotal GemFire. Pivotal GemFire is a distributed data management platform. Pivotal GemFire is designed for many diverse data management situations but is especially useful for high-volume, latencysensitive, mission-critical, transactional systems. Request VMWARE INC Pricing to get more information.


vFabric Data Director provides database as a service. Its cloud data management reduces costs and increases agility, accelerates analytics, and automates database life cycle management. It enables database administrators to virtualize databases on the proven VMware vSphere infrastructure. It provides cloud data management for thousands of databases through database templates, cloning, and post-clone scripts for policy compliance. Customers can take advantage of development tools, such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) database access and the capability to clone, backup, snapshot, and restore. The main features of vFabric Data Director include database-aware virtualization, self-service, and automated lifecycle management.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +6 Real-Time Streaming Data Processing (Data-in-Motion)
  • +11 Unstructured Data
  • +5 Batch Data Processing
  • +10 Semi-Structured Data
  • +8 Directly
  • +8 Data Governance
  • +11 Data Virtualization
  • +7 Customer Service
  • +12 Finance
  • +13 Human Resources (HR)
  • +11 Marketing
  • +8 On-Site Support
  • +14 Operations/Production
  • +5 Product Development
  • +9 Remote Support
  • +10 Sales
  • +6 Supply Chain
  • +8 Business Applications
  • +5 Business Process Management
  • +10 Customer Intelligence
  • -5 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -6 Self-service Capabilities
  • -12 Licenses
  • -9 Solutions Offered
  • -6 Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • -5 Level of Support
  • -13 Distributed Computing
  • -12 In-Memory Data Access
  • -7 Metadata Management
  • -14 Hybrid
  • -8 Consulting Services
  • -9 Deployment & Integration Services
  • -7 Per User Basis
  • -13 Apache Hadoop
  • -12 Apache Kafka
  • -5 Apache Ranger
  • -11 Apache Spark
  • -14 Apache Storm
  • -5 Data Quality
  • -13 Data Transformation
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VMWARE INC presence in Data Fabric Software

VMware caters to various industry verticals, such as automotive, education, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunication. VMWare had more than 1,200 technology partners and over 4,300 active service provider partners, as of December 31, 2016. The company heavily invests in R&D activities, for instance, the company invested more than 21% of its revenue, which is around USD 1.2 billion, in R&D in 2016. VMware mainly adopts the inorganic growth strategy to cater to its varied client base and maintain its leadership position in the market. For instance, in 2015, VMware announced new areas of collaboration with Fujitsu. VMware and Fujitsu work together to support their mutual customers around the world. Further, VMware strategically acquires companies that extend its capabilities and add value to its portfolio. For instance, in 2014, VMware acquired Third Sky, Inc. that provided VMware with an experienced consulting team to extend its capabilities with additional insights, methods, and experience relating to IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Features Offered
  2. Product Features and Functionality / Data Coverage
  3. Product Features and Functionality / Data Prrocessing Techniques
  4. Integration / NoSQL
  5. Services / Support & Maintenance
  6. Integration / Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) / External Databases
  7. Services / Education & Training
  8. Services / Managed Services
  9. Services / Other Services
  10. Integration / Others