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Informatica Data Quality
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Informatica Data Quality software ensures best data quality for all business applications, whether they are on-premises or cloud applications. The solution includes unified role-based tools that facilitate the participation of business in the data quality process and deliver comprehensive support for applying data quality rules to products, assets, and customer data. The company provides enhanced flexibility and agility to its customers in terms of accessing and cleansing the data which is located at any source within an enterprise, be it on premises or on the cloud. Request Informatica Data Quality Pricing to get more information.


Informatica Data Quality is an open solution for all applications. It provides users with access to data source anywhere, anytime and facilitates the deployment of centralized data quality. Informatica Analyst helps businesses to enhance the quality of data by providing functionalities like filtering specific records in order to easily identify data errors. Informatica Developer provides eclipse-based development environment that helps in improving data quality and developer productivity. The solution also allows organizations to discover and access all enterprise data irrespective of the location of the data. Moreover, Informatica also provides rich features in its data quality products including global matching, de-duplication of data, worldwide address cleansing, and versatile data quality management.


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Informatica Data Quality
84 Buyers Negotiating
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Informatica Data Quality Presence in Data Quality Software
Informatica is an independent software developer. The company provides enterprise software for data integration and data quality. The company principally focuses on providing enterprise data-related solutions that process the raw data obtained from various data sources, including IoT devices and embedded applications. The company has a 22% share of the market for Integrated Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS), a cloud-based tool which assists users in developing applications and deploying, managing, and governing data over the internet. To further increase this market share, the company is planning to expand through investments in big data and cloud computing technologies. Additionally, Informatica is planning to invest in startups and R&D to enhance its product offerings. Informatica has strategized its growth by focusing more on inorganic strategies. In March 2017, the company entered into a partnership with Google. The partnership would assist Informatica in delivering greater insights and understanding its client’s requirements to make better marketing decisions. The company also partnered with Avnet to provide customers superior data management solutions.
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