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Oracle Data Quality
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Oracle Data Quality Overview

Oracle Data Quality is easy to deploy and helps organization enhance data quality by identifying hidden qualities and problems in the data. Oracle Data Quality also helps businesses to standardize data and extract structured text from textual content, such as name, address, dates, and telephone number. The solution offers effective data matching and merging of collected data records. Oracle's Enterprise Data Quality provides a well defined data quality management environment that is used to understand, enhance, secure and govern data quality. It also provides integrated data quality in CRM and other applications.

Oracle Data Quality USP

Oracle offers various tools for maintaining the data quality of an organization. The Oracle Enterprise Data Quality product suite helps organizations achieve maximum business value by providing high-quality data. The solution provides businesses with multi-user project support with an ability to manage all types of data including customer, product, asset, financial, and operational data.

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Oracle Data Quality Presence in Data Quality Software
The company is one of the established leaders in the development of database technologies. Oracle expands its offerings through its cloud and other related technologies. Oracle delivers a broad range of software applications, platforms, and infrastructure technologies. The company provides a wide range of data quality management tools along with data management and analysis solutions. Oracle invests substantially in R&D. This is reflected through the innovations and transformations that the company is bringing to its products and solutions. The company is also planning to expand its global market presence. In May 2017, Oracle announced its data center plans for India. Earlier in April 2017, Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, a global provider of cloud financials, Human Resources (HR), and omnichannel commerce software suites, declared a massive expansion plan to accelerate its international growth and provide a single unified suite to companies across the globe.

Top Oracle Data Quality Features

#1 Product Features and Functionality / Features Offered
#2 Support and Services / Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
#3 Services / Support & Maintenance
#4 Services / Deployment & Integration Services
#5 Data Quality tools provided / De-Duplication Tools


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