SAP Data Management

  • Weinheim, Germany
  • 1972
  • $10BN to $50BN
Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Government and Public Sector
Company Overview
SAP Information Steward assists users in understanding and analyzing the reliability and quality of enterprise information. Additionally, SAP Data Management offers intuitive dashboards and interfaces. SAP Data Management facilitates easier processing of data, helping business users extract actionable insights for better decision making.

SAP offers SAP Data Management in the data quality tools market. SAP Data Management offers a broad range of functionalities for data quality, data integration, and data cleansing. It offers flexibility to the business users, maintains data quality, and ensures data consistency across the enterprise. SAP Data Management helps access data on-premises and on the cloud. SAP Data Management can be integrated with SAP Information Steward to assist enterprises in tracking data records for enhanced information governance.

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SAP SE Presence in Data Quality Software
SAP is a global enterprise with offices in over 130 countries and customers in over 180 countries. The company invests a substantial part of its annual revenue in R&D. It has over 100 innovation and development centers across the globe. In June 2016, the company improved its SAP HANA Smart Data Integration, SAP HANA Smart Data Quality, SAP Data Services, and SAP Information Steward Software solutions. The upgrades featured functions that permitted users to pool data gathered from social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This helped enterprises gather all-inclusive insights into consumer behaviors, market conditions, and product lifecycles. Additionally, SAP asserts its market position through organic growth strategies, but it also undertakes inorganic strategies to expand market presence.
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