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SAS Data Quality
North Carolina, USA
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SAS data quality software provides various features including data integration, data cleansing, data profiling, and data preparation for Hadoop, data governance, and event stream processing. The company’s data management solutions help businesses analyze and maintain the data generated by different devices, sensors, and software. The solution allows organizations to clean their data without having to extract it or move it. Request SAS Data Quality Pricing to get more information.


SAS Data Quality solution enables users to make data-driven decisions and enhance and monitor the health of their data. The solution allows clients to design and integrate the tools with the enterprise system as per the business need. The solution is designed to aid continuous collaboration among teams through the implementation of visualization and MDM. SAS Data Quality solution also helps business users to standardize and enhance new and existing data.

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SAS Data Quality
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    Data Cleansing
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    Data Migration
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    Data Validation and Standardization
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SAS Data Quality Presence in Data Quality Software
SAS is a reputed vendor offering its data quality solutions to various industry verticals across the globe. The company has expanded its geographical reach and a major portion of its revenue is from the Americas. SAS adopts both organic and inorganic growth strategies. As a part of its organic strategy, the company has updated and introduced new products. In May 2016, the company introduced SAS Viya, an open cloud-ready architecture that can be used to simplify data management and analytics architecture. The company expanded its business in Ireland by establishing a new office at the Le Touche House in Dublin’s IFSC. The new office supports the sales of data analytics and data quality management software in the EMEA markets. It also acts as a hub for the region, providing multiple channels for service and customer support.
89 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for SAS Data Quality
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