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Trillium DQ
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Through the acquisition of Trillium Software, Syncsort gained unparalleled advantage in offering comprehensive solutions for the data integration and data quality tools markets. Trillium Software has a strong foothold in the data quality tools market and offers TS Quality, a single solution which is capable of ingesting both structured and unstructured data. Trillium Quality solution categorizes data across the enterprise including the unstructured and semi structured data to enhance the efficiency of the business and IT Teams.  Request Trillium DQ Pricing to get more information.


Syncsort offers Trillium DQ that helps businesses by assessing, monitoring and enhacing data quality. The software can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud. Data quality priority, a key feature of the solution, provides information cleansing, standardizes product data, and verifies international addresses. It also allows users to deploy real time or batch data rapidly across the enterprise in less than 30 days.


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Trillium DQ
84 Buyers Negotiating
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Trillium DQ Presence in Data Quality Software
Syncsort offers its solutions to the markets in North America, Europe, and Japan. The company provides its products, solutions, and services through its network of partners, resellers, and distributors. Syncsort acquired Trillium Software to gain unprecedented advantage in the data quality tools market. The announcement of a solution combining Syncsort’s big data integration and Trillium’s data quality software testifies Syncsort’s rationality behind acquiring Trillium Software. The company’s long-term vision is to deliver value at scale in the most dynamic business environments. As a part of its corporate strategy, the company invests in both organic and inorganic growth strategies. As part of its organic growth strategy, Syncsort launches new products and introduces timely updates to its offerings to adapt to the evolving market requirements. In March 2017, Syncsort launched Trillium Precise, a data-as-a-service solution that offers a single view of customers enabling accurate, verified, and complete real-time data. As a part of its inorganic growth strategy, Syncsort actively enters into partnerships and agreements to gain prominence in the data quality tools market. Syncsort partnered with Collibra to integrate Trillium Software’s data discovery and quality software with Collibra’s data governance platform.
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