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Talend Data Quality
California, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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Talend Data Quality USP

Talend offers Talend Open Studio as Data Quality Software as its prime solution in the data quality tools market. The software offers intrinsic features, such as data profiling tools, which are instrumental in providing a comprehensive view of enterprise data, and help to recognize grey areas in the organization where the data is either incomplete or duplicated or out of conformance with standards. Request Talend Data Quality Pricing to get more information.


Talend Open Studio software comprises of intuitive Eclipse-based interface that encompasses more than 400 built-in data connectors, supporting diverse data quality test and statistics. The data profiler enables business users to prolifically clean and mask data (irrespective of the format or size of data) while it constantly monitors the quality of data sets. Talend Open Studio also offers additional features, such as de-duplication, validation, standardization, and enrichment that are helpful in developing clean data, which are then used for access, reporting, and analytical capabilities. The software also helps to integrate external reference data sources, which are critically used for business identification, postal validation, and credit score information. In addition to selling its solution, the company also offers technical support, and consulting and training services. The support system offered by Talend is robust with round-the-clock multi-lingual web and email support, to facilitate the work continuity.

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Talend Data Quality
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    Customer Support
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    Data Enrichment
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    Data Governance
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    Data Integration
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    Data Monitoring
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    Data Stewardship
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    Deployment & Integration Services
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    Education & Training
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    Support & Maintenance
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    Technical Support
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    De-Duplication Tools
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    Noramalization Tools
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    Other Tools
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    Business Applications
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    Product Features and Functionality
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    Support and Services
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    Remote Support
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    Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
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    On-Site Support
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    ETL Tools
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    Consulting Services
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    Data Cleansing
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    Data Migration
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    Data Profiling
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    Data Validation and Standardization
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    Managed Services
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    Metadata Management
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    Other Feautures
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    Sales Support
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    Specify Others
Talend Data Quality Presence in Data Quality Software
Talend is a global provider of open-source data quality tools, and has achieved significant traction among various organizations. The company, with its various use cases in verticals, such as retail, energy (oil and gas, and utilities), food, telecommunication, and media and publishing sector, has delivered unprecedented advantages to become one of the most sought-after companies, providing data quality tools and data integration software. Talend sells its products directly to customers through sales force, as well as indirectly through various value-added channels and resellers situated in the regions of North America, Europe, MEA, and APAC. The global company invested a huge amount of its revenue in Research and Development (R&D) to provide innovative solutions to its customers, and to remain a competitive player in the market. To substantiate, it invested a whopping 18.2 and 19.9% of its total revenue in R&D during 2015 and 2016, respectively. In a bid to become one of the strongest contenders in the data quality tools market, Talend recently added governed, self-service data preparation capabilities to Talend Open Studio, which suggests the company’s long sightedness to remain one of the eminent players in the data quality tools market, as well as data integration market.
84 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Talend Data Quality
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