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With every update, new and more useful features are added to BIRT. Still, some features tower over the rest, which includes a full-blown chart engine with various chart types, crosstab reports using the new BIRT cube designer and regular updates in the existing features.

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Designed especially for web applications and in-client server architectures, that typically provide rich functionality independent of the central server (fat/thick client), BIRT, is a prominent software project by a not-for-profit, open-source community: Eclipse Foundation. The major data type held is XML and numerous others can be assessed as well including - web services, POJOs, SQL databases, JFire scripting objects, etc.

BIRT Pricing:

The BIRT pricing is available on a pricing model of subscriptions starting from $29.99/ month, which is the best value offered on a 12-month commitment. However, the BIRT pricing every month costs $39.99. Subscribing to a custom configuration for a 6-month commitment would cost $34.99/ month.

BIRT Demo:

A free trial is available without any requirement of a credit card. The demonstration showcases some of the most noticeable and advantageous features through a Flash presentation. Although there are some limitations over the full range of features for which the pricing models need to be explored, this easy demo helps you analyze the suitability of the product and value for money.

 BIRT Features

 It is a full-fledged platform for report delivery, with a lot of features, like:

  • Key Differentiators
    • Open Source
    • Data Blending
    • Report creation
  •  Versatile Output Formats:
    • HTML ( both basic and paginated)
    • ODT,CSV,DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, ODP, Postscript, SV
  • Report Development Environment 
    • A highly customizable workspace
    • Used to design and develop a report 
  • Integration of BIRT’s run time part into the application
    • Stand alone Java application integration
    • Deploying as a part of a servlet
    • Embedding with RCP application
  • Additional features
    • Libraries for sharing mutual report elements
    • Rapid development templates 
    • Web deployment 


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Deepali's requirement
"o Reports with data visualization with row level security o Power user or full admin access for the report and data set o Restrict excel download, restrict edit of data sets o Integration with PostgreSQL open source DB views o Integration with Azure AD for SSO o DEVOPS and versioning of the reports is an added advantage o Integration with API with caching/replicating o Should have Good UI o Should be able to Combine multiple data sets "
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BIRT Reviews


James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Strongly recommended”

The very easy to use user interface provides better support while using it to generate email reports, bar/pie charts, graphs, general form, data visualization, etc.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 06, 2020

“The easy integrations”

BIRT can easily be integrated with any database tool/ web application etc to generate runtime reports.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 06, 2020

“A strong report designer tool for web applications”

BIRT is indeed a beautiful tool to develop a dynamic report with a lot of versatile features. An affordable pricing software.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 06, 2020

“Apt Pricing”

The BIRT pricing is really attractive and can be considered a value-for-money.
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