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GeoGebra data visualization software is a mathematical modelling software designed for students to plot graphical equations that use the concepts of Geometry and Algebra. It’s a superb educational tool both for learners and teachers, as they can solidify their mathematical understanding using GeoGebra. The software is primarily offered as a web app with customized versions for Mobile and Desktop usage. 

GeoGebra Pricing:

For non-commercial applications, one has to not bother about Geogebra pricing plans as it is offered as a free to use tool. The GeoGebra pricing applies to commercial usage, wherein one has to buy a license from the GeoGebra company and match their specific requirements. 

GeoGebra Data Visualization Software Demo:

GeoGebra is available as a web app at GeoGebra Website. Users can demo all of its features using the same or downloading an app on their device. GeoGebra has an app for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. 

GeoGebra Data Visualization Software Features:

The top features that make GeoGebra the go-to option for visually-aided maths education

  • Interactive UI for Making Graphs and Models
    • GeoGebra has a quite visually appealing and interactive UI, aimed at young students.
    • The software offers several apps such as 3D calculator, Graphing calculator, and a dedicated notes app. 
  • Comes with Educational Resources
    • The software offers a vast library of educational resources such as games, activities, lessons, etc. 
    • The resources are not limited to mathematics alone and cover overlapping fields of science as well. 
  • Works as a Teaching Tool
    • GeoGebra is equally useful for teachers to create educational simulations, videos, and worksheets that stimulate mathematical learning. 
    • There are tutorials for teachers on how to use the software and contribute to student’s learning.
  • Multiplatform Availability
    • GeoGebra is available on various platforms, including mobile and web.
    • Users can either use it via their browser or download specific apps on their desktop or mobile devices. 


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GeoGebra Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 06, 2020

“Make Algebra Come to Life”

As a teacher who has taught Algebra, I find that this tool is a must to make Algebra Concepts come to life.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 06, 2020

“Geogebra is great for linear regression”

The learning curve is not that steep, but with the limited time we spend on the project, it would be useful to my students if they had a better overall understanding of the basics of Geogebra.
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