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Nexusguard in DDoS Protection and Mitigation Solutions

  • Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
  • 2008
  • $50BN to $100BN
Company Overview
Some of the features of Nexusguard's services include -
  • Multi-Layered Mitigation: DDoS mitigation solutions by Nexusguard combines high-speed border filtering, deep packet inspection, protocol verification, and adaptive filtering, among others, to give multi-layered protection. 
  • Scrubbing Network Spread Globally: Nexusguard has a scrubbing network that is spread internationally. This makes it possible for attack mitigation nearest to the source. 

Nexusguard offers a proprietary distributed denial of service DDoS Protection and Mitigation Solutions that are used by some of the most reputed companies in the world. Nexusguard’s Cybersecurity Platform has a scrubbing network that is distributed worldwide which is used for automated threat detection. This is used for the protection of networks, websites, applications and DNS service from the DDoS attacks.

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Managing Director, Company Name Classified
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We used to experience quite a few attacks before we got the DDoS mitigation solutions by Nexusguard. But now things are much better. It is cost-effective also.
Managing Director,Company Name Classified
Managing Director, Company Name Classified
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“Suitable For Global Presence"

The DDoS mitigation solution by Nexusguard is suitable for us as we have customers globally and use the internet to place orders. Nexusguard has helped us to save time and energy.
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