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Verisign is a global provider of DDoS Protection Software and internet security solutions. The company’s domain name registry services permit individuals and enterprises to set up their online identities. They have an exclusive registry of domain names within the .com, .net, and .name generic top-level domains. Verisign also offers disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities through techniques, such as synchronous mirroring and remote replication, to meet with the data center security loss. Request Verisign DDoS Protection Pricing to get more information.


Verisign is a global provider of domain name registry services and internet security services and specializes in DDoS protection software services, managed DNS services, and internet infrastructure services. Verisign operates and manages 2 of the 13 root zone servers that contain authoritative data for top DNS hierarchy and supports various Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as .com, .net, .cc, .tv, .gov, .jobs, .edu, and .name domain names. The company protects DNS infrastructures for over 148.3 million domain names and offers support for both DNSSEC and IPv6.

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  • +5 SAIDI
  • +13 SAIFI
  • +6 Pricing Strategy
  • +5 Products Offered
  • +7 Unique and compelling differentiating factor of company’s product line
  • +11 End users catered
  • +10 Directly
  • +13 Small and Medium Enterprises
  • +6 MAIFI
  • +7 Other Standards
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