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Banjo USP

Banjo is developed to assist in managing print marketing and leverage the assets through data to produce unique marketing that is personalised for each prospective client. It gives absolute control over printed materials and successfully delivers the final product when needed. It simplifies the process of acquiring print for operations.

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Banjo addresses the difficulties faced by people in managing print and other physical assets within the guidelines of the brand. It helps centralise and control access to print assets and automates print fulfilment needs which are data driven. It is useful for Print Logistics Automation, Print Marketing Automation and Print Asset Management.


  • Inventory Management
      1. Provides comprehensive inventory management features to manage physical marketing and operation assets.
      2. Manages shipping, mailing, warehousing and fulfilment services.
  • Print Logistics Automation
  1. Manage data-driven print logistics at scale.
  2. Connect point-of-sale system and handle direct mail post transactions while handling product fulfilment.
  • Print Asset Management
  1. Manage print marketing while looking after operational and logistical needs.
  2. Access full service of commercial print production, warehousing, finishing and fulfilment.
  • Print Marketing Automation
  1. Trigger high quality print and other physical marketing materials from CRM, OS or other relevant platforms.
  2. Individualise postcards, promotional items and direct mail packages based on customer interaction with the brand.
  • Software And Technological Development
  1. Streamline and automate operations, logistics and marketing with software developed for specific requirements.
  2. Leverage data and technology to segment and individualise messages.

Banjo Pricing

Pricing is varied as per requirements. The Banjo Pricing ranges from $300 to $600 per month. The setup fees for establishing assets start from $250. The monthly fees is excluding the cost required for printing.

Banjo Pricing for marketing automation -

Starter- $150/month, 1 asset

Professional- $250/month, 5 assets

Enterprise- $500/month, 10 assets

Banjo Asset Management Pricing-

Team- $300/month, 15 assets

Business- $600/month, 45 assets

Banjo Demo

Banjo Demo option is available on the official website. Prospective users can get in touch with the Banjo team by submitting the form in the contact section to schedule the demo. Banjo Chatbot assists in the demo process by directly engaging with users and furnishing information.


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Banjo Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 30, 2020


The technical solutions provided by Banjo cover all aspects of the marketing funnel from development to the personalised delivery of final marketing material.
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Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

Apr 30, 2020


Banjo’s marketing system is hassle free as it simplifies the complicated process of acquiring print material and getting the assets delivered.
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