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ALEKS USP lies with its AI ability to check individual progress and then help them improve as per their current evaluation. This product courses are highly competitive and give students a through preparation for their learning curve. With regular assessment, ALEKS then removes multiple-choice questions to further make students excel in their learning curve. And with one-on-one instruction, ALEKS digital learning platforms can act as human tutor to guide with students in the right direction.
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ALEKS stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. It is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS offers a variety of courses and subjects that cover K-12, higher education, and continuing education, ranging from basic arithmetic and chemistry to pre-calculus and MBA financial accounting preparation.

ALEKS Pricing:

ALEKS Pricing structure is designed considering monthly plans per student. The subscription cost $19.95 per month and $99.95 for 6 months. The annual plan costs $179.95. ALEKS also has a family discount program. When you subscribe to any of the ALEKS Pricing; 2 accounts are created, one is a student account while the other is a master account. The master account can help to monitor a student’s growth using auto-generated reports and assign them quizzes accordingly.

ALEKS Digital Learning Platforms Demo:

ALEKS offers a free trial for users to enjoy complete features of this learning platform. Users can enjoy the trial for 3 hours within 48 hours before opting for the paid version. With the free trial, you can Target gaps with personalized learning, Monitor student progress, Assign quizzes and worksheets, Schedule ALEKS assessments, Track student attendance, and Explore many other features. You can connect with support to get quotes for any business-specific requirements.

ALEKS Digital Learning Platforms Features:

ALEKS offers the features stated below: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Map details of each student’s knowledge
    • Topic mastered by each student
    • Student ready to learn a new topic
  • Traditional Questioning Changed
    • Algorithm generated questions
    • Free-response questions
  • Wide variety of Courses covered
    • Elementary school & middle school covered
    • Contains high School courses as well as specialized Courses
    • Math, Business, Science, Behavioral Science are covered
  • Efficient Learning
    • Attempts remaining for assignments
    • Assignment due date
    • Online textbooks with step by step tutorials


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