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Intended for flipped classrooms, Edpuzzle digital learning platforms allow converting any video into an academic lesson by voiceover and other useful features. It is highly advantageous for teachers and students alike, as it helps in assessing students’ comprehension and aids them in tracking their study preferences.



  •  Student’s engagement

    • The interactive video lessons let the learners proceed as per their capabilities.
    • The addition of audio narration over the video helps in better understanding.

  • Tracking the pupils

    • An eye can be kept over the videos watched by students.
    • A record of the frequency of watching the clips is also available.

  • Time-efficient

    • The option of uploading already prevailing videos over other digital platforms
    • Recording and uploading self-made videos is also easy and less time-consuming.

  • Compatibility

    • Edpuzzle digital learning platforms are compatible with almost every device, which allows learning anytime at any place, at the ease of your convenience. 
    • It is also compatible with the software's YouTube extension, allowing you greater comfort while editing your videos.

Edpuzzle Pricing

Edpuzzle Pricing starts at $9.50 for pro teachers. However, quotations can be requested for schools and organizations, which will be computed as per their needs and size of alumni and learners. Edpuzzle has a good reputation in providing very justified pricing according to the demands of a school or an organization.

Edpuzzle Demo

The basic plan of Edpuzzle digital learning platforms is free for students and teachers; which can be utilized as a demo as well. Almost all the basic features required for individuals are available. However, only a storage space of about 20 videos is available in the demo version. The demo version can be used by the teachers, schools, and organizations to get an idea of Edpuzzle pricing.


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EdPuzzle Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Ease in teaching”

Earlier I had to play and pause the video at several places, give descriptions and start again, which kind of inhibited the flow of the learning process, but now it’s no more the case.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020


Many times the students who had missed my lectures had to face examinations, but with Edpuzzle I can help them all at once. Apart from that, Edpuzzle pricing is quite affordable.
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