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eSpark USP

eSpark USP is its ease of learning for students which makes it a unique software. It combines technology with education in such a way that every child can learn and grow according to his/her individual pace. The teachers can also pay attention to the needs of each student. Request eSpark Pricing to get more information.


eSpark is a technology-based learning application for grades K - 5 that makes education interesting, available on mobiles, desktop and the web. It differentiates reading and maths with activities, games and challenges that children enjoy. The software enables kids to learn according to their own pace and skill level. Teachers can also work in small groups and pay attention to each individual. 

eSpark Features

The key features which make eSpark a unique learning platform

  • Students grow at their own pace

    • Students are differentiated automatically based on their needs.
    • Each student receives targeted instructions for his/her learning capability.

  • Learning made fun

    • Children engage in fun-based activities, videos and games.
    • They can learn new skills with interest while playing.

  • Teachers’ attention to every student

    • Teachers can work in small groups and focus on the needs of every child.
    • Children are individually challenged and supported by the teacher.

  • Easy monitoring of students

    • Each student’s progress can be monitored timely by the teachers.
    • Parents can also receive reports of their child’s progress.

eSpark Pricing

eSpark pricing is quoted according to the number of teachers and students of the school. It provides membership to a whole school. The membership now offers professional development for distance learning to teachers in the eSpark pricing plan which is otherwise priced at $2000.

eSpark Demo

eSpark offers a free demo to the teachers to review its services without having to worry about the eSpark pricing. Teachers can create trial accounts free of cost by signing in with google account of their school.


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eSpark Reviews


James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Excellent tool for scaffolding content”

I love the video and audio support excellency and the ability to work with our EL am also excited with how it has improved on my students writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, just an excellent tool for my students.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Simply the best out there”

This software has been such a pleasure in the classroom. I feel like I have more control over all aspects of differentiated learning going on with all 25 of my students. This tool allows me to focus on learning strategies with my small groups and to focus on what each student needs from me.
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