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Labster USP

It is an extremely user friendly tool with perfect amplitude of knowledge and skills and provides fundamental techniques broken down into simple language and through storytelling medium bridges gaps in adaptive learning.

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The technological advancements that have brought the future of education right at your doorstep, Labster digital learning platforms is all about combining the new techniques to old experiments and promoting practical hands-on experience without any risks involved! It makes science extremely easy to understand and uses storytelling medium to engage students and foster their learnings!

Labster Pricing:

Each Labster digital learning platforms provides unlimited access to students at any time and also involves virtual lab “simulations”. For a Group quote, per student access starts from $79.00 and single-user pricing ranges from $109.00. User may contact the support team for Labster pricing options.

Labster Digital Learning Platforms Demo:

Through its sci-fi realm, the Labster Virtual Lab Simulations will drive your students learning into an imaginative and real experience with its Virtual Reality version while you can explore many equipment in your lab and understand the theory better with molecular to molecular animations, unseeable in everyday life.

Labster Digital Learning Platforms Features:

Virtual lab on your fingertips - a new age of scientific discoveries for young minds!

  • Fosters student engagement
    • Storytelling usage in course materials to make it fun and engaging
    • Tracking of student activity helps identify the adequate support a particular student needs
  • Bridges knowledge gaps
    • Promotes the understanding that every child is unique and cannot grasp everything at one go and customises the pace with the student
  • Virtual Science Labs are futuristic
    • Lab practicals that are supplemented with process, procedures and tools with underlying theories 
    • Questionnaire-based approaches and trial and error spaces in the virtual lab make learning adaptive and reflective in children’s mind
  • Effective low costs with quality education
    • Advanced technological tools with less maintenance support help create the best output educational experience


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Labster Reviews


James E. Hanson

Mar 08, 2021

“Labster not as advertised”

I used Labster to replace in person labs druing the COVID lockdown.  It was not as advertised - did not replicate the lab experience at all.  It was more like a boring 1980s style computer game about chemistry.  I don't recommend it.

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Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“AP Biology is not complicated anymore”

I rarely found digital platforms intriguing and that can really help understand courses better, but through this platform, new techniques and procedures through virtual reality make it super to gain interest in AP Biology.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Advances Expectations and a Wholesome Educational Experience”

This is the future and beyond the world digital learning platform that has amazing biotech labs for experiments and is really a boon for slow-paced learners.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 07, 2020

“Animations and questions are absolutely wonderful”

Resources and tools with storytelling is effective to remember difficult concepts and memorise them
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